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Much attention has been focused recently on the situation of Somali youth, some of whom, through a sense of alienation and disconnectedness, fall into criminal behavior – or worse. Tasho is committed to reaching out to young people to weave them into a healthy community, and keep them on the path toward success, not on a path toward violence.

Tasho will develop strong after-school programs, including tutoring and English-language support, as well as youth sports leagues, to foster connections and academic success. These undertakings, particularly the English-language support, will be offered in tandem with similar programs for adult immigrants as well. Recent arrivals will have a much harder time succeeding in the United States without such language skills. We will also provide orientation services to new arrivals, to help them understand and navigate the culture and systems they encounter upon their arrival. People who have grown up here often take these for granted, while people who have only recently arrived often find them bewildering.